Current Parents

observeAs parents, you have the right to observe in your child’s classroom by appointment.  School policy asks that you refrain from observing in the first six weeks of school.  Individual children and classroom communities are in the process of orientation and adaptation during this time.  Returning children are getting to know their new peers and vice-versa. All children are orienting and re-orienting to their classroom routines.  Teachers are busy presenting new lessons to all the children in the classroom.  The best time to get a true picture of the classroom dynamics is after the children have “settled in.”   After these initial weeks of school, all parents may be asked to observe prior to the fall conferences.

“Moving-Up” observations will be scheduled during February/March time frame. We will email you an invitation to observe the level your child will be entering for the following school year.  (example: if your child is currently in Kindergarten and will be headed to Lower Elementary in the fall or currently in 3rd grade and will he headed to Upper Elementary)  These group tours will be led by our Head of School so be ready with your questions!  We will also send home an input form in April, where you can provide information about your child to help in our placement process.


Parents Considering Our School for Enrollment

Parents may observe in one classroom after taking a formal tour of our school.  Please hover over the Admissions tab to schedule your tour.  At the end of the tour, should you wish to set up an observation, please stop by the front office and they will schedule an observation for you at a later date.


College Students and Montessori Interns

We are able to accommodate these observations as our schedule allows – there may be times when we cannot fulfill your request, and we ask for your understanding.  Please email us at observation@dcsmontessori.org with the subject “Intern Observation” and let us know which mornings work best for you, and let us know which level you wish to observe (Primary, Lower Elementary, or Upper Elementary).  If you have other pertinent information for us, please also include that in your email.  Please give us the courtesy of requesting your observation at least 5 school days in advance.


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