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January 4, 2017 6:03 pm
posted by Brycie Strother

What happens when the weather is bad?

Because of Colorado’s unpredictable weather, the District has adopted storm emergency procedures.  DCS Montessori has chosen to follow the District weather procedures.  School closures and delays are announced over most local radio and television stations, on the district website and the district hot line.  Note: we are NOT “Castle Rock Montessori.”

The Weather Hotline number:    303-387-7669 (SNOW)

Click here for School Closure / Delay Status:  We are in the Highlands Ranch Area

weather2Delayed Start

If a “Delayed Start” is announced, at our main campus, we will begin school at 10:00am and arrival will begin at 9:40am.  At the Middle School campus, school begins at 9:40am, and students can arrive at school starting at 9:30am.  Parents are encouraged to make emergency plans with their children in the event of a modified starting or ending time.  Before school care will begin at 8:30am. Only students who are enrolled in our Before and After Care programs may use these programs.  After Care, after school events, After School Programs, sporting events and field trips will be canceled when the District cancels after school activities in our area.

School Closure

When a school closure is announced, school is closed for the day.   After Care, after school events, After School Programs, sporting events and field trips are also canceled.

Early Dismissal

It is rare that school is released early.  This would be due to an emergency situation or severe weather.  Early dismissal information will be posted on the District School Closure site.  We will attempt to contact parents via email and robo-calls; however, the messenger system cannot always handle the volume of these calls.

After School Activity Cancellation

Any time The District cancels After School Activities in our area; our After School Care, sporting events, field trips and our After School Programs will also be cancelled.


For more information visit our Weather Page.

Closure / Delay Criteria


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