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Board of Directors (Board)

Welcome from the DCS Montessori Board of Directors (DCSM Board).  We hope this information will assist you in learning about the Board and its vital role in ensuring that DCS Montessori is the school of choice for area families.

The Board is the governing arm of DCS Montessori, responsible for upholding the mission and vision of the school, adherence to our by laws and governance policies, and ensuring that the school operates consistent with the Montessori philosophy and in the best interests of its students, parents, teachers and community.

This is accomplished through policy development and regular monitoring of the school’s compliance to its governing documents and overall performance against key success indicators:

KeyworkDiamonda.    Financial Strength
b.    Student Academic Achievement
c.    Employee Management
d.    District Relationship
e.    Competitive Market Position
f.     Strategic Goals

The board’s role is that of “steering”.   The Board has no direct operational responsibility. The sole official connection to the operational organization, its achievements and conduct, is through the Head of School (HOS). The HOS holds the direct authority and accountability for the operations of the school.

We encourage interested parents to participate in the governance of DCSM by attending board meetings, running for election to the board, and volunteering on committees.  It is a very rewarding contribution, and time investment, to our school and in your child’s education!


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