Current Volunteer Opportunities

Help in our Library!

Assist the teachers each Monday morning by emptying Friday Folders that students have returned.

Pitch In!  There are many great ways for you, your family and friends to help our school!



We have posted a job opening for those who want to substitute in the Primary classrooms or with Child Care – this will be a paid position.  We ask that only those who have fairly open schedules apply, as it costs us over $100 to process a new employee and we want to be sure you will be able to work once we get everything processed.  Click here for further information.


 Volunteer Information

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated at DCS Montessori!  There are many ways you can help our school and our children; such as helping students find books in the library, filling weekly Friday Folders to go home to parents, or substituting for an Educational Assistant when they are ill. If you work full time consider being your classroom’s Scholastic Volunteer and process orders, help our Foundation with one of our fundraisers – ever more important with the budget cuts all schools are currently experiencing. There are many, many ways you can make a difference to our families, our staff and our students, so come join us!

All families will have the opportunity to volunteer when using the Online Check-in Process.  Or just check our website for volunteer opportunities.

All volunteers must fill out an appropriate Confidentiality Agreement each school year.

Parent Volunteer Agreement – a new form is required annually for those who do not electronically complete the form during the online check-in process.

Community Volunteer Agreement – if you are not the parent/legal guardian of a current student, but wish to volunteer at school, please complete this document.  This applies to grandparents, or other relatives of the student as well.

Driver Authorization Form – this form is for those parents / guardians who wish to volunteer to drive students on field trips.  A new form is required each school year.

Donation to DCSM Tax Form

Volunteer Handbook


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