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“Teenagers who stay in more nurturing settings where they encounter less departmentalization, fewer teachers, and smaller groups experience higher achievement, attendance, and self-confidence than those who enter large impersonal departmentalized secondary schools.” Linda Darling-Hammond, The Right to Learn: A Blueprint for Creating Schools That Work


Syllabi 2017-2018

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6


Middle School Block Dates  2017-2018

August 10 – September 29

October 2 – November 10

November 13 – December 21

January 9 – February 9

February 12 – March 23

March 26 – May 25



“As we learn to live and work in this process world, we are rewarded with other changes in our behavior.  I see that we become gentler people.  We become more curious about differences, more respectful of one another, more open to life’s surprises.  It’s not that we’re either more hopeful or pessimistic, but we are more patient and accepting.  I like to believe we become this way because we’re willing to work with life on its terms.  Although life’s dance looked frantic from the outside, difficult to learn and impossible to master, our newfound gentleness speaks to a different learning.  Life is a good partner.  Its demands are not unreasonable.  A great capacity for change lives in every one of us.” ~ Margaret Wheatley 


Middle School Policies

Late Work

Test – Quiz Retakes


Middle School Information Night – We hold an Information Night for Parents and Students in the Fall – typically in November.  Please call us at 720-531-3311 for details.

Middle School Information Night 2016-2017 – this is a .pdf version of the presentation given in November of 2016


Middle School Trips – Our Middle Schoolers take two trips annually, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  These trips are part of their curriculum.  Please click on “Middle School Fees” below for further details about the trips and the costs involved.


Middle School Fees


Middle School Hoursclock

8:10 am – 3:40 pm

Drop off begins at 7:55 am, students are tardy at or after 8:10 am

Delayed Start:  School will begin at 9:40 am, dismissal will remain the same at 3:40 pm


Middle School Health Forms

Middle School Medication Forms – all three forms are required if a student will be taking prescription medication at school and is responsible enough to carry and administer their own prescription medication.  Middle School Students are allowed to carry only one day’s dose of over-the-counter medication (not a full bottle) in an appropriately labeled container (i.e. Tylenol in a Tylenol bottle) – no paperwork required.

Physical form for Middle School



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