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The information below is for students K-8th grade.  Click here for information about lunch for Preschoolers.

Online Lunch Menu

The District has asked us to use only the online menu which you can access by clicking “Lunch Menu” in the Quick Links box to your left.  Lunch prices are listed on the menu.  Hover over an item to see the nutrition information.  If there are issues with the menu itself, please contact the District.

Pay for Lunches

At  See the FAQ section below for details on setting up your account.

Sack Lunches for Field Trips

You can order a sack lunch for your child by clicking HERE.  Please do this prior to 8am the day of the field trip, but you can order as far ahead of time as you wish.

Second Entrees

The District asks you to complete this form if you do not want your child to be able to purchase additional entrees or “seconds” when buying their school lunch.  Without this form, your child will have the option to purchase seconds as they wish.   The form can be found here:

A la Carte Options

Our lunch room offers many extra items for purchase – ranging from fruit smoothies, to cookies.  The District asks you to complete this form if you do not want your child to be able to purchase A la Carte items with their lunches.  The “No Extra Food” form can be found here:

Free / Reduced Lunches

Each year you can apply for the Free / Reduced Lunch Program.  When filling out the form, select Douglas County School District as your school district.  Remember, you must re-qualify each school year – Applications for the each school year are posted in mid-July.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can my child buy a school lunch?

A.  Here’s how you start.  Every child has an “account” for school lunches.  For payment information, see  “Q.  How will I pay towards my child’s account?” below.  As your child purchases lunches at school, funds are withdrawn from their account.  A letter will be sent home in Friday Folders when the account is low.

Students can choose whether they want to purchase a school lunch on a daily basis.  Some of our students buy their lunch every day, some only once a week—their teachers will ask them each day whether they are buying a school lunch or not.  If you pack a lunch for your child please keep in mind that we cannot refrigerate nor heat their lunches.  Pricing is listed on the menu.


Q.  What about allergy information?  What are the ingredients of a particular lunch?

A.  The new online lunch menus include this information.


Q.  How will I know if my child’s account is running low?

A.  Check your balance in the Campus Portal – click “Lunch Balance” in the left column.  This balance may be a day behind.  School office staff do not have access to this information.

Want to be notified via email when your child’s account is low?    You can do this at


Q.  How will I pay towards my child’s account?

A.  Please pay for your child’s lunch account online with a credit card at

When first setting up your account with MySchoolBucks, Please Note:  We are listed as “Montessori Charter” – so scroll down to the “M’s.”  AND you will need your child’s date of birth or Student ID number which you can get from the Campus Portal.

Alternatively, you can send in a check or money order payable to “DCS Montessori” but please note in the memo section “Lunch” and your child’s name.  You can attach a note if you want the money divided among other children in your family too.


Kitchen Manager

Feel free to contact Ms. Nicole Morris, our Kitchen Manager with any questions regarding our lunch program or your payments.  Email:


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