Bullying, Behavior & Conflict

Our School Psychologist visits with students, in each classroom, for several weeks each school year to teach them the skills in effort to minimize bullying, and behavioral difficulties, and student conflict.  These skills and strategies are outlined in the BrainWise® Program.  Students gain the ability to:

  • Recognize Red Flag Warnings
  • Separate Fact from Opinion
  • Consider Consequences
  • Communicate Effectively
  • And other 6 other Wise Ways to help in stressful situations

Students use their newly-acquired thinking skills to assess and analyze a variety of problems. This practice involves classroom applications and everyday
activities.  Awareness of how the brain uses thinking skills to process problems and replace impulsive reactions gives children and teens a greater understanding of why the 10 Wise Ways are important.


BrainWise Program – DCSM’s Approach to Bullying, Behavior, and Conflict


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