We do our very best to ensure a safe, efficient Arrival process.  We have over 450 students who all need to be dropped off in a 20 minute period.  You can help us by reading and adhering to the following information.

  • Not permitted on our property (not even in our parking lot, not even in your car while on our property): Dogs, Smoking, Vaping, E-cigarette use, Drugs or Alcohol. If you must bring your dog with you, please keep them restrained in your vehicle. Our staff will not be able to assist children into or out of vehicles containing dogs.
  • Please hang up your phone ~ As soon as the arrival or dismissal process begins, please cease using your phone for calls and texting. We want all drivers to be 100% focused on driving safely in our parking lot.
  • Always turn right out of our parking lot during busy arrival and dismissal hours.
  • If you have children of multiple grades to drop off and pick up, you will follow the instructions for the youngest child in your family/group. You should do this daily, even if that youngest child is not at school on a particular day.

Students are not allowed on campus prior to 8:08 am, unless they are enrolled in Before Care.  They are NOT allowed to wait in the vestibule unsupervised. Students are allowed into the classroom beginning at 8:08.  Your child will be tardy if they arrive at school at or after 8:30.   Our staff must come into the school to begin teaching by 8:30.  If you arrive after 8:28, you must park, and walk your child into the building, and sign them in at the office.


  • Arrival begins no earlier than 8:08 and ends at 8:28
  • If you have a preschool student, please follow this drop off procedure for all children in your vehicle, regardless of their age. Do so every day, even if the preschooler is not attending school on a particular day.
  • Have your barcode Name Cards ready to hand to our staff member (you’ll receive these prior to your first day of school)
  • Preschool parents follow the blue “P” Line (on the left) all the way to the Stop sign (on your left) with the blue “P Stop” painted on the driveway.
  • The first cars to arrive should remain stopped at the stop sign until directed by a staff member to pull forward.
  • You will continue to be directed forward to the Southwest doors when space is available.
  • Remain in your car, the primary staff will scan your barcodes, and will help your child out of the car and direct them into the building.
  • If you need additional Barcode Cards, there is a $10 charge for 4.  Email us at and let us know your child’s name and the name of the person picking up – we will issue 4 cards to the same person.

Kindergarten – 6th graders:

  • Arrival begins no earlier than 8:08 and ends at 8:28
  • Kindergarten students must be scanned in and out of school.  Have your barcode Name Cards ready to hand to our staff member in the parking lot.
  • Remain in your car, school staff will scan your barcodes.
  • Follow the Yellow “E” line around our parking lot to the southeast doors.  You’ll stay to your right and hug the curb near the school.  Stop at the Yellow “E Stop” painted on the driveway (near our Southeast doors).
  • When K-6 students arrive, they enter through the East front door and walk to their classrooms.
  • Children should exit the car as soon as you stop at the sidewalk anywhere alongside our building.
  • Please wait in line and you will soon be directed out of the parking lot after you drop off your children.
  • If you need to come into the school for any reason, even if it’s just for a minute, please park your car in a designated legal parking space and check in at the office.

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