Dress Code Reminders

August 20, 2017 7:05 pm
posted by Brycie Strother

dress code violationWith warmer weather on the way, here are a few reminders…

Acceptable appearance reflecting good taste and judgment is the key to determining what children should wear to school.  For health and safety reasons, shoes are to be worn at all times.

The following are NOT permitted at DCS Montessori:

  • Hats or bandanas (must be removed once inside the building)
  • Sunglasses (not permitted inside the building)
  • Clothing, jewelry, or any item carried by or worn by students supporting the use or endorsement of liquor, violence, tobacco, or drugs
  • Apparel that interferes with or endangers the student while he/she is participating in classroom or other school-sponsored activities
  • Clothing which exposes student’s midriff
  • Clothing which exposes the upper thigh above the extension of the finger tips
  • Clothing which reveal undergarments (such as loose fitting or shredded/punctured pants which expose undergarments, or tops with thin straps that show bra straps)
  • We discourage students from wearing flip-flops as we see a number of foot injuries caused by them each year

The decision as to the safety or unsuitability of the clothing is at the discretion of the teacher, administrator or other staff with appeal to the HOS as necessary.  While physical education does not occur every day, proper footwear is required for participation in physical education.  Failure to have proper footwear for physical education will limit participation and affect the student’s grade in physical education.

Our Colorado weather does not ensure that afternoons will be as warm as mornings. Students should come to school prepared to go out to recess, even in inclement weather.  A pair of shoes should be sent with your child on days he/she comes to school in boots.


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