July 13, 2017 12:09 pm
posted by Brycie Strother

scholarshipDCS Montessori offers a limited number of scholarships annually to our Primary (preschool and Kindergarten) students. Kindergarten students will receive scholarships first, then preschoolers will share any remaining funds.  To apply for a scholarship, you first need to complete a Free and Reduced Lunch Application (typically available in mid-July).  Even though preschoolers are not eligible for our school hot lunch program, you will still complete and submit this form to the District to see if you are a candidate. If you qualify, you will be sent an acceptance letter which you should copy and give to our Office Manager.  Remember, there is no tuition for 1st grade and higher at DCS Montessori School.

For all students, fees can also be reduced/waived for those who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program.  Even if your child never buys a school lunch, this is the means of applying for help with class fees.  Be sure to send us a copy of your letter of approval right away.

Click here to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Application

For our 6th – 8th graders, we offer payment plans and scholarships to those in need.  Please click here for the form to apply for this:  Scholarship and/or Payment Plan for Overnight Trips


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