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October 16, 2017 9:00 am
posted by Brycie Strother






Re-Enrollment is  COMING SOON

For All Students who will Re-Enroll at DCS Montessori for next School Year, look for an email on November 28th with details.  You need do nothing until that time.  

Please continue reading if you do not intend to return to our school next year.


Open Enrollment / Enrolling Elsewhere

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment information is provided for families who do not wish to re-enroll at our school next year.  The District Open Enrollment process begins on November 1st and ends December 1st at 4 pm.

Click here for Information on the Open Enrollment Process.  This information is on the District Website.  By participating in the process, you are not jeopardizing your enrollment here; however, once you are offered a spot at another school and accept, your enrollment at DCSM for next school year will be terminated.

  • Want your child to attend a public Douglas County school, not in your neighborhood?  You must participate in the Open Enrollment Process.
  • Want your child to attend another Charter School?  Contact that school for information on applying.
  • Want your child to attend a private school?  Contact that school for information on applying.
  • Want your child to attend your “Neighborhood School?”  Read the next section.
  • Is your child an 8th grader?  Ms. Erika at the Middle School will email you with all the information you need.


Enrolling at your Neighborhood School

You may return to your Neighborhood School next school year simply by completing an Intent to Return Form and submitting it to your neighborhood school prior to January 5th.  Please check the District’s Website to learn the details about this process.  Once you submit this form to your neighborhood school, your enrollment at DCS Montessori will be terminated for the next year and beyond.


We strongly recommend you talk to your child’s teacher regarding your child’s enrollment before making a decision.  You will want to know what the advantages are both at a traditional public school and our Montessori Charter School prior to making this decision.

I’m happy to help! Email me at with any questions.

~Brycie Strother
Office Manager / Registrar, DCS Montessori Charter School

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