Middle School Fees

Classroom Supply Fees:   Classroom Supply Fees include all school supplies.  Parents will not need to buy school supplies, teachers will buy what is needed as the items are needed.  This will cut down on costs for parents, give parents that extra time – rather than visiting 4 different stores to buy the correct items, and it will alleviate classroom storage problems (imagine finding storage space for 30 boxes of facial tissues!).  For Middle School, the fee is expected to be $250 which will cover all supplies for the year, but not trips or field trips.

Technology Fees:  In order to continue to develop and grow our school’s technology access and programming, we need your help.  Middle School students pay a $50 annual Technology Fee.  These fees will be posted to student accounts, you can view your balance using the Parent Portal.

Library / Specials Fee:  Schools nationwide struggle with budgets.  Some schools are even cancelling PE and Art classes.  At DCS Montessori, we know that our Library and Specials classes provide needed instruction for the whole child.  This $5 fee will help fund these programs so that we can continue to provide our students with Art, Physical Education, and Music classes.  And so that our Library can continue it’s mission of encouraging strong readers at DCS Montessori.

Middle School Trip Fees:  The following are estimates of our trip fees.  Each year students take two trips, which are required and part of their curriculum.

  • Fall Trip for 7th and 8th graders:  $450  (estimated cost per year)
  • Spring Trip for 7th graders to Crow Canyon:  $850  (estimated cost)
  • Spring Trip for 8th graders to an out-of-state location:  $2,200 or more  (estimated cost)

These fees are required and are charged annually and are non-refundable, and non-transferable.  All fees will be posted to each child’s account and you can view your balance using the Parent Portal.


Scholarships for Trips:  If you would like to learn more or apply, please visit the Guide to Fees page and scroll to the very bottom of that page.


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