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Q.  How do we apply to DCS Montessori?

A.  You will find information about our application process on our website.  Simply click “Admissions” for details.  You will sign up for a tour, print off and complete your application form, and send your application packet to us.  We conduct a lottery to fill our vacancies.

Q.  Are Scholarships Offered?

A.  We do offer a limited number of scholarships annually to our Primary (preschool and Kindergarten) students. Kindergarten students will receive scholarships first, then preschoolers will share any remaining funds.  To apply for a scholarship, you first need to complete a Free and Reduced Lunch Application (typically available in mid-July). Even though preschoolers are not eligible for our school hot lunch program, you will still complete and submit this form to the District to see if you are a candidate. If you qualify, you will be sent an acceptance letter which you should copy and give to our Office Manager.  There is no tuition for 1st grade and higher at DCS Montessori School.

lotteryQ.  I missed the Lottery Deadline, how can I apply?
A.  You will still download and complete the Lottery Application for the appropriate school year. Applications received after the lottery deadline will be added to the wait list in the order received.


Q.  How do you decide which children are accepted?

A.  Our school uses an annual lottery system for accepting new students. We collect all applications until the due date listed on the Application Form. We then randomly sequence the applications. All current DCSM students maintain their enrollment until they withdraw or enroll at another school. The lottery process fills vacancies. For students in the lottery, preference will be given in the following situations and order:

1. Staff member children will be given preference not to exceed 10% of the population of the school, with in-district accepted first, followed by those out-of-district.

2. Siblings will be given preference if space is available in a particular grade. Siblings of in-district students will be accepted first, followed by siblings of out-of-district students. If a sibling space is offered, and accepted, and later declined by the parent, or the student is withdrawn, the student is no longer considered a sibling for future years.  Siblings who meet the criteria in #3 below will move to the top of the list.

3. Students entering the 1st grade and higher who send proof of prior Montessori education will be given preference depending on the number of years of Montessori experience.

4. Students who do not meet any of the above criteria will be accepted based on space availability in a particular grade level with in-district students being accepted first and out-of-district students being accepted second. Our school does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex or disability.

*Please note that if you move to Douglas County after you apply to our lottery, even after the lottery is conducted, you simply need to provide us with your new proof of residency and we will move you into the “in county” list.

Q.  When / how will we find out if our child is accepted?
A.  A few days after the lottery deadline, we will begin making offers where we know we have vacancies.  Typically, in December, we conduct re-enrollment, therefore, we will continue making offers as we find out about families who are not returning.  We will continue making offers through the winter, spring and summer.  We will never contact you to tell you that you did not get in.  You will either receive an offer via email or you will remain on the wait list.

Q.  We have applied for several children, how does that work?
A.  We send offers as we find out about vacancies. It’s likely you will receive an offer for one child but not the others. Call us at that time and we can tell you where your other children are on the waitlist. Once you enroll one child, others will receive sibling priority; however, we will not move siblings who applied after the Lottery above any student who applied prior to the Lottery deadline.

Q.  What will we need to do upon our acceptance?
A.  We will email you to notify you that there is a position available for your child. You will then have a minimum of 24 hours to respond. If you do not respond to our offer within the allotted time, or if you decline our offer, your child’s name will be removed from our waitlist and your application packet will be shredded. If you want to be placed back on the waitlist, you must re-apply and your child’s name will be added to the bottom of the waitlist.

Q.  How do we find out where we are on the list?
A.  We notify all families who enter our lottery of the results.  If you apply after the lottery, we will send an email letting you know where your children are on our wait lists.  We will also notify you if you reach the #1 spot  on a given list.

Q.  I have heard that Mrs. Smith (or whomever) is a great teacher, can I request her?
A.  We have many great teachers. Please trust our staff to properly place your child in a classroom.  We will provide you with an input form prior to classroom assignment so that you can let us know about your child’s learning style.

Q.  If my child does not get into your school this year, will their name be automatically “rolled over” for next year?
A.  We do not roll our lists over from year to year; therefore, you’ll need to complete an application and add necessary attachments and submit them to us.

Q.  If I haven’t heard from DCS Montessori yet does this mean my child won’t get into your school?
A.  The good news is, no. We continue to place students from our waitlist as we have vacancies throughout the school year.

Q.  I previously toured the school and don’t have a sticker to affix to my application. Do I have to tour again?
A.  Although we’d love to see you again, the answer is “no.” Simply write the month and year that you toured where the sticker should go. We have found that parents who tour and enroll, stay enrolled. Parents who don’t tour sometimes withdraw – and the reasons given are (unfortunately) school procedures which are clearly explained during our tours. We have had parents withdraw because they didn’t know students are in multi-grade classrooms, for example.  It’s very important that you attend a tour before or very soon after you apply.

Q.  If our student does attend DCS Montessori, will we have to participate in the Lottery each year?
A.  Once your child is a student here, they will have continuous enrollment here as long as you re-enroll them. Once a child leaves DCS Montessori, they must re-apply.

Q.  Are there school buses for students?
A.  We do not have bus service to our school. Parents will need to provide transportation to the school for their children. Therefore, we strongly encourage carpooling to diminish traffic congestion.

Q.  What are the Student to Teacher Ratios?
A.  We have fewer students per teacher than the traditional Douglas County Public Schools. For a class of 29 students, Primary rooms (ages 3-6) will have a Montessori Certified teacher and two trained assistants, for a student/teacher ratio of 10:1.  Lower and Upper Elementary classes of approximately 28 will have a Montessori certified teacher and one trained assistant for a ratio of approximately 14:1.



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