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Q. How do I apply to your school?

Applications are available at our school and on our website. Please read the all the information on the Application form and follow all instructions.  The deadline for submitting applications is typically in late November (the specific date is on the application.)

Q.  How do you decide which children are accepted?

Our school uses an annual lottery system for accepting new students.  On the lottery due date, we randomly sequence the applications. Our next step is to survey our current students to ascertain who will be returning so that we may fill the vacancies left by those students who are not returning.

Our vacancies will be filled using the following priority system:  All students will be admitted through a lottery process. Lottery information can be found on our website. All current DCSM students maintain their enrollment. The lottery process fills vacancies. For students in the lottery, preference will be given in the following situations and order:

  1. Staff member children will be given preference not to exceed 10% of the population of the school, with in-district accepted first, followed by those out-of-district.
  2. Siblings will be given preference if a space is available in a particular grade. Siblings of in-district students will be accepted first, followed by siblings of out-of-district students. If a sibling space is offered, and accepted, and later declined by the parent, or the student is withdrawn, the student is no longer considered a sibling for future years.  Siblings who meet the criteria in #3 below will move to the top of the sibling list.
  3. Students entering 1st grade and higher who send proof of prior Montessori education will be given preference depending on the number of years of Montessori experience.
  4. Students who do not meet any of the above criteria will be accepted based on space availability in a particular grade level with in-district students being accepted first and out-of-district students being accepted second. Our school does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex or disability.

*Please note that if you move to Douglas County after you apply to our lottery, even after the lottery is conducted, you simply need to provide us with your new proof of residency and we will move you into the “in county” list.


Lottery Information

We have run our lottery for 2018-2019 and have emailed all who applied.

Did you miss our Lottery?  Students of all grades can be added to our wait lists – simply complete the appropriate Lottery Application and send it to us along with the required attachments.  Just click “Apply” above for details.  Once we receive your application, we will let you know where you are on the waitlist.

Please note the following:

  • We will never contact you to tell you that you didn’t get in.
  • Either we contact you via email to offer you enrollment or you remain on our Wait List.
  • As we find out about vacancies, we will contact those first on the wait list with an offer via email.
  • When we contact you about enrollment, you may have as little as 24 hours to respond – this means getting your completed paperwork to us along with any required Registration Fees (for Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Programs).



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