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92380Lisa Albert, Lower Elementary Teacher

Over the years I have had the opportunity to hold some extraordinary teaching and training positions and have acquired skills and experience in Child Development, Elementary Education, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Montessori Education.  Among these areas, I have taught a wide variety of ages ranging from kindergarten to undergraduate students.  I hold a Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, and a Montessori Education Teaching Credential.

Teaching in Montessori environments such as DCS, supports my passion for igniting student curiosity and self-learning, both inside and outside of the classroom.  I enjoy teaching all areas of the curriculum, especially nature, ecology, and children’s literature.  Additionally, I take great pride in being a teacher and find ongoing fulfillment in my career choice.

I am married to “Mr. Albert”, who is also a teacher.  We have two wonderful sons, Evan and Kyle.  As a family, we are very active and enjoy participating in and supporting many sports and outdoor activities.  Living in beautiful Colorado, our leisure time includes a lot of camping, hiking, and playing.  We especially love Colorado’s mountains and don’t expect to run out of places to visit.

Email:  Lisa.Albert@dcsdk12.org


Brianne Thayer, Educational Assistant

Brianne Thayer

Lara Blanchard, Lower Elementary Teacher

1000735Hola, my name is Lara Blanchard. I have 6 years experience in Montessori philosophy and teaching and as of June 2012, I completed my AMS (American Montessori Society) Montessori Lower Elementary teaching credential from the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies.

I have been an educational assistant in Primary and Lower Elementary at DCS Montessori Charter School and previously, I worked for Welby Montessori School in Denver’s Mapleton Public Schools. I believe that every child has a unique purpose and gift to share in life and through building a community of consistency, positive discipline and empathy, based in the Montessori educational method, each student will thrive.

My prior career was in the business world as a marketing Creative Manager for a global European based corporation. After many years in this corporate role, I made a decision to ‘follow my bliss’. Thus, making a change to working with children is my chosen path. Following the child truly provides me with the heart connection I need and I am extremely excited to be a Montessori teacher and guide at DCSM. Additionally, I am Early Childhood Teacher qualified in the State of Colorado and I have a BFA in Advertising Commercial Art and Illustration from the University of Central Missouri. I am also a Apple computer Mac OS devotee.

I am a midwestern born-and-bred Missourian and I’ve lived in Colorado full-time since 2000. My husband, Tim, and I have two children; Collin – who is a college Freshman, and Kate – who is a student at DCSM. We also have a Chihuahua, a Pug, a orange tabby cat, and a Beta fish.
I’m a ‘Life is good.’ happy camper, reader, gardener and master crocheter.

Email:  lara.blanchard@dcsdk12.org


Sean Grealy, Educational Assistant

2071841Greetings, my name is Sean Grealy. I have enjoyed the past year working as a substitute at DCS Montessori Charter School and am looking forward to taking on a different role as an educational assistant.

I grew up in Colorado, and received my BA in Anthropology and Religious Studies from the University of Denver. I have recently returned to Colorado after spending several years in South Korea where I taught English as a second language.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring Colorado with my family, and rediscovering it for myself.


LynnHovdeLELynn Booton, Lower Elementary Teacher

My name is Lynn Booton. I am honored to be a Montessori lower elementary teacher and to be part of the DCS Montessori Lower Elementary team. I have been a lower elementary teaching assistant and also a lead teacher here at DCS Montessori for several years. I am delighted to introduce myself and am excited to have the opportunity to bring my passion, my love of teaching, and my love of children to the classroom.

I would like to share with you just a little about myself. I have a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and hold a Colorado State License for grades K-6. I also hold a Montessori Lower Elementary certification through the American Montessori Society (AMS).

I fell in love with Montessori when my girls began preschool at a Montessori school. They both graduated from DCS Montessori and are happily attending Castle View High School. I am pleased to say their transition to middle school and high school was extremely successful largely due to the Montessori education they received here.

My mission is to provide a safe, positive and caring environment to inspire a love of learning. I look forward to community building, cooperative problem solving, engaging lessons, and a well prepared environment to enable each child to blossom to their full potential.

I enjoy living in the beautiful community of Castle Rock with my husband, my girls, our dog, cat, and our guinea pig, Our leisure time includes lots of outdoors activities including cycling, swimming, hiking, and playing!

Email:  Lynn.Booton@dcsdk12.org


Heather Eastwood, Educational Assistant

2070731My name is Heather Eastwood. This is my first year teaching at DCS Montessori and I am very happy to be here!

I was born and raised in Utah, but have lived in Colorado for the last 14 years. My kids and I love it here and enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. I love to read, hike, travel, and hang out with my kids.  I discovered Montessori when researching different school options for my 2 kids. I fell in love with the school and philosophy as I watched them both blossom into wonderful little people.

For several years I have been volunteering in Ms. Lynn’s class. Watching the children grow and learn has been an amazing experience. This will be my second year working with Ms. Lynn.  I just love being even more involved in these wonderful children’s lives.


1000775Paul Brannberg, Lower Elementary Teacher

Hello my name is Paul Brannberg.  I am very excited and privileged to help your children grow this next coming school year.  Teaching children has always been a passion of mine since I can remember.  It is probably because I come from a long line of teachers.  During the fall of 2012 I received my Elementary Certification in Elementary Education.  In the spring of 2013 I was introduced to Montessori education and had the privilege of working with Martha Sill in a Lower Elementary classroom.  I was very impressed with the philosophy of Montessori and had to jump ship on traditional education and started pursuing Montessori.  During the 2013-2014 school year I was an assistant in an Upper Elementary classroom.

I have had many years experience working with children.  I have volunteered at my church and worked at a day camp.  For two summers I was a camp counselor and unit director for children ages 6-9.  Serving children and seeing them grow both intellectually and socially are very important to me.

I am so thankful to be a fourth generation Coloradoan.  I certainly like to take full advantage of what this great state has to offer.  I enjoy climbing fourteeners and hiking.  I also like to boulder, rock climb, backpack, ski, and anything having to do with being outdoors.

Email:  Paul.Brannberg@dcsdk12.org


Martha Sill, Educational Assistant

1000485“We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.” (Maria Montessori)

When I was exposed to Montessori education in 1984, I felt I had found the system that best matched my beliefs of who children are and how they should be respectfully nurtured. After several years as an assistant at both the Primary and Elementary level, I obtained my Montessori Elementary Credential. Already holding a BA in Elementary Education, I spent sixteen years as a lead teacher, and ten years in administration. Now I have returned to the joy of assisting in the classroom.

Although I enjoy all the Montessori materials and areas of the classroom, my favorite is the Culture area. I’m sure this is influenced by the time I spent in India as a child.

My husband, Gordon, and I have three wonderful children and four granddaughters. One of our daughters is a Montessori teacher in the school she attended as a child. Together we continue to unfold the wonders of the world with children.

2004723Roda Pajela, Lower Elementary Teacher

Hello, my name is Roda Pajela, and I am originally from the Philippines. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a major in Computer Technology, and have ten years of teaching experience in Montessori and traditional schooling. I have been with DCS Montessori since 2005.  My first Montessori training was in the Philippines and I received my AMS (American Montessori Society) Certification from the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (MECR) in Boulder. I am licensed as a professional teacher with an elementary endorsement in the State of Colorado.

My husband (Jon) and I migrated to Colorado in 2000. I have twin boys (James and Justin) and they will be in the fifth grade this coming fall. I enjoy cooking, hanging out with friends and family, biking, and playing the piano. I believe all children are capable of learning and deserve a great education. I look forward to a great year of learning and laughing with you and your children!

Email:  Roda.Pajela@dcsdk12.org


Elone Visscher, Educational Assistant

Chris Scovil, Lower Elementary Teacher


I was born in Indiana, but have been living in Douglas County most of my life.  I hold a B. A. in Parks and Recreation Management and was the Aquatics Coordinator in Silverthorne, CO for 8 years before my husband and I moved down to the Front Range to start a family. When our youngest daughter started at DCS Montessori I found that this was not only an environment that we wanted her to grow and learn in, but it was also where I felt passionate about the Montessori philosophy and wanted to be apart of as well. After being a Lower elementary assistant for 4 years. I completed my AMS training through the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies.

My husband’s name is also Chris and we have 2 beautiful and amazing daughters. In our leisure time we enjoy being outdoors, hiking with our dog, swimming, gardening, camping and exploring beautiful Colorado.

Did you know that everyone in my family has the name Chris somewhere in their name?

Email:  Christine.Scovil@dcsdk12.org



 Julie Weber, Educational Assistant




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