Head of School (HOS)

Hello to Current and Prospective Parents, Staff and Students,

I can’t express enough how honored I am to be the Head of School at DCS Montessori Charter School. My enthusiasm for Montessori education has been spilling over ever since the DCS Montessori Board of Directors gave me the opportunity to be a part of this school. It has been an absolute joy working with such a talented group of passionate educators, parents and students, and I look forward to continuing this journey together.

Our goals are many at DCS Montessori, but our first and foremost aim is providing a public, authentic and accredited Montessori Education to the families of Douglas County. We are constantly finding ourselves indebted to the work of Maria Montessori, and consistently seek to build our understanding of the Montessori Philosophy. We are always seeking opportunities to share this with our parents and community as well. In that framework, we offer many opportunities for parent participation and education, where I cherish opportunities to improve and grow our school in working with our dedicated parent community.

Being that we are a Montessori school, I look to observe our school and follow its interests. Being that we are a charter school, I look to make the changes that best benefit our students without the strings of bureaucracy. But most of all, being a Head of School, I look forward to any opportunity to help our students learn and grow to the maximum of their potential. I anticipate seeing you here, and as always thanks for supporting DCS Montessori.

Listen, Work Hard, Reflect, Educate, and Celebrate
Jeromy Johnson
DCS Montessori, Head of School


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