DCS Montessori has many needs for volunteers and efforts which come from collaborative work with our Head of School. These collaborative efforts are channeled through one of the following committees:

  1. Finance Committee – The Finance Committee is comprised of a parent, the Head of School, the Business Manager, and our Board of Directors Treasurer. They meet quarterly to examine our financials, and as needed for budget development and alteration.
  2. Development Committee – The Development Committee is comprised of a number of parents, a member of our Board of Directors when possible, and the Head of School. The focus of this quarterly meeting body is to examine the marketing of the school, as well as to seek out grant opportunities for the school, and provide discussion and reference for advances by the school in these areas.
  3. Building and Grounds Committee – The B&G is composed of our Building Engineer, the Head of School, and two parents to discuss needs and inspections of the property. This group is responsible for setting Building and Grounds Improvement plans annually.

Through these Committees we give our Members, our parents, the opportunity to participate in shaping the future of their child’s school…we look forward to your participation!


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